Ultimate Human Resource Management System

uHRM is a powerful and effective software for human resource management. A comprehensive solution for managing recruiting, timekeeping, payroll, fully integrated functions and optimized according to each business model.

The system easily integrates and extend the modules according to the needs of the business. uHRM software can resolve the simple management requirements to the complex management by industry, size of an organization. Besides, the system allows working on the web, the manager can check the entire operation of the company anytime and anywhere.

Functional Diagram



Applied to the multi-level model

The solution is for business with multiple branches and departments at different locations. Users do not spend a lot of time to set up software and have no difficulty in statistics and reporting.


Comprehensive HR management

uHRM manages the entire human resources from the recruitment, training, development of resources to the analysis, performance evaluation. Functional modules are on a single system that gives managers a comprehensive picture of the company's personnel.


Flexible reporting anytime anywhere

Helping users to report in a flexible, with a variety of reports for business such as personnel reports, overtime, wage fluctuations, type of contract, attendance, insurance report, etc. The user can export data at any time and anywhere.


Maximize security and reliability

Decentralized security for each features view, edit, delete, add on each user object and the system can identify the device access, so users can not access the system if using terminals are not allowed.


Extend system easily

It allows to extend the new modules to fit the needs of each business without affecting the integrity of the data on the system.


100% on the web platform

100% on the web platform makes it easy for the business to work anytime, anywhere and manager can keep track of company personnel. You completely master the system.


The main modules of uHRM software

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