BAM is the optimal and effective software for managing business activities for the enterprise. A system includes many intelligent functions, helping businesses solve the problem of sales management, customer management, checking the situation of goods in the warehouse, monitoring the delivery process from the supplier and tracking the product warranty status.

BAM software system provides diverse and detailed types of reports in the form of visual charts for managers. The reporting system is designed dynamically, so BAM software is used for many objects and different uses.

On the BAM software system, all information is constantly updated, anytime, anywhere and displayed on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.) to help managers easily control the actual business activities of the enterprise and make timely decisions. BAM software is an indispensable tool to maximize profits and minimize management costs for enterprises.



Closed loop management process

The system can build a closed business process suitable for each specific business. With this process, all information about customers, quotes, contracts, orders, etc. are linked and inherited. So, the process of updating and exploiting information is not duplicated and error.


Job assignment feature and tracking

With the model of sharing information among employees in the same system, users can assign permissions to each object to access each specific content. The system also allows users to assign jobs and track schedule of the assigned work.


Real-time tracking

Information about customers, goods, contracts, orders, etc. is always updated online via the internet anytime, anywhere to support 24/24 for sales department as well as managers to give the timely decision, right time.


Evaluate specific KPIs

Develop specific KPI indicators specifically for sales teams as well as individuals with special abilities. The evaluation criteria are automatically updated on the system with real information based on the recorded interaction of sales staff with customers.


Detailed reports for each module

The reporting system for each module allows creating an overview report in the form of diagrams to increase the visualization and can export the report files on the system to maximize the monitoring of customer status, efficient sales and inventory management.


Maximize security and reliability

The decentralized system is intelligently designed, allowing the system administrator to decentralize according to each user group and detail to each function for each user. The system manages users by username and password.


The main modules of BAM Software

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